Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A Man in Burlesque - this is a very thoughtful blog entry by a true gentleman in the scene... and I'm not just saying that because he mentions me. :P Feminism in burlesque is a huge, messy topic (probably since feminism in general is still very much a huge, messy topic) and Blue manages to discuss his perspective as a man without coming off like a huge douche. That's shockingly hard to do, people.

Customer Service in Tattooing -  a brief entry on how to basically make sure people don't pay for you to sear ink into their flesh. Mostly I'm posting it because I agree 100% and have personally been appalled at some of the customer service displayed in tattoo parlours. Come on, desk people - just say hi to me. Chances are I'll give you money if you do.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stripped, Scared, and Sacred

Once again there has been a lack of updates, and I'm sorry about that but after Abra-Cadaver was over there was Halloween to deal with and then I got sick for a month. Plus work, plus stress, plus a dozen other things.

But to make up for it my little ghoulies, I have a very special treat for you. It's loud, it's shrill, it has foul language and a lot of babbling, and you stick it in your ear-hole.
That's right, me and Mama have made a podcast.

So may I present to you, 'Stripped, Scared, and Sacred.' A podcast that is about Burlesque, Horror and Magic. And probably a few other random things that fall out of our brains.
Episode 1:
Part 1
Part 2

(It's in two parts because we couldn't upload the whole thing as one chunk, in the future we are either going to trim down the length or get a paid account so it can be one.)

Opening and closing music done by: Uncle Sigmund